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Volkswagen Common Faults​

Check engine light on? Engine running rough?  Here you will find some answers to the most frequently diagnosed Volkswagen problems brought into TWG.  We do not recommend you assume that the answer here directly relates to your car.  Accurate diagnosis of a problem typically saves you money.  And, you should know that often third parties will misdiagnose a car for what appears to be similar problems or related diagnostic codes. Also ever heard the saying “a little knowledge is dangerous” its true! to much Googling can cost you extra money if you assume your problems are related.​ Here are some common issues we have experienced at TWG Sport.

Timing Belt Failure

Engine stops and will not start, when trying to start engine turns over very quickly.

The Timing Bent is a method of turning the Camshaft by the Crankshaft and should be synchronized, once the belt becomes loose or breaks the valve train comes in contact with the Pistons Engine damage is almost inevitable.

Timing Belt Replacement: One of the most important services that should be performed on your vehicle is a timing belt inspection or replacement. If the timing belt is neglected and allowed to break, thousands of pounds of damage could occur to your engine. The recommended intervals for timing belt replacement vary between 40k and 80k miles depending upon the year and model of the vehicle. When changing the Timing belt it is good practise to change the idler pulleys and the water pump at the same time.

Volkswagen Turbo Over-Under boosting limp home mode

Loss of power, over boosting, under boosting, or no power, the VNT turbo vanes stick causing, low boost, limp mode, low power, limp home mode, Turbocharger actuator rod seized, is a sure diagnosis for clogged up vanes..Turbochargers with carbon build-up inside the turbo stick onto the variable vanes which causes the vanes to become stiff to move..Turbo cleaners are available from three of the best value & quality turbo cleaner brands on the market Forte turbo cleaner and Wynn’s turbo cleaner also we like Tunap,  these can be used for a quick turbocharger repair or clean out of sticky vanes, when the turbocharger vanes are sticking or turbo vanes stuck for both petrol Turbos and diesel Turbos.

Also an added bonus these turbo cleaners will also clean the EGR valve on the engines.

Clunking Noise on the Front When Turning

This is a common problem on front wheel drive VW vehicles. The design of the front wheel drive requires the rotation of the driveshafts. The driveshaft’s contain CV Joints at either end inside are bearings that wear and often click when turning, replacing the CV Joint will fix your noisy drivetrain.

Check Engine Light & Increased Fuel Consumption

There are many causes for a check engine light; however, one of the most common causes in association with increased fuel consumption is a coolant temperature sensor. This has been updated by VW multiple times and usually fails causing the engine management to believe the engine is running cold. This results in a heavy fuel mixture and a Check Engine Light.

ESP light on VW

“ESP” stands for “electronic stability program” The system allows the vehicle to read the road and use the anti-lock brake system and traction control to stabilize the vehicle and if the driver loses control of the vehicle the ESP will cut the power to the engine and apply the brakes to correct the cars skid or slide.

Various sensors send signals to the control unit but on VAG cars its common for the G200 lateral Speed sensor to fail also some vehicles the brake pressure sensor has failed.